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An interdisciplinary show based on works by various artists who worked independently and as a group, on a journey in which they set out to write a shared myth for the temple space of the Bat Yam Museum of Art. The museum was wholly dedicated to presenting the Diver dance and performance festival, and turned into a space where one befriends death by operating in the space between the inanimate and the living. 

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A triple exhibition Exhibited at Hamiffal Gallery, combining paintings by Yael Hovav, Print works by Idan Sitbon and Text-Installation works by Uri Duvdevani


A solo interdisciplinary show exhibited at Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.

Works in this project were inspired by street grand-pianos. Through a variety of mediums (drawing, video, movement, recordings, installation) the works discuss subjects like culture and wilderness, roughness and gentleness, intimacy and publicity, fantasy and reality.

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