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Air Itself Touches
is a triple exhibition combining paintings by Yael Hovav, Print works by Idan Sitbon and Text-Installation works by Uri Duvdevani.

The exhibition was born out of an extended dialogue between the artists themselves as well as a dialogue with the curator, Yotam Dvir. 

The creation of this exhibition, on the one hand, began with a focus on the unique individual work process of each artist and an opportunity for inspiration, reciprocal intervention and even co-creation on the other. 
The name for the exhibition is taken from a poem presented in it. Like the poem, the creations in the exhibition hold ghostly qualities: 

"When air itself touches, does it, and what does it touch? Does it touch the (same) air? Is it capable or able to touch? Does the air by itself touch, or does the air touch itself? 

Nothing is certain nor determined in this game of duplication and meaning that the utterance 'air itself touches' summons to mind with its wondrous idiomatic density. Nothing is certain nor determined in the ghostly, alien, and strange event it refers to. Ghostly because it appears to occur between gusts of air, between the spirit and itself, in that same incomprehensible space between spirit and spirit (Geist \ ghost). Ghostly because it is an event in which, so to speak, "nothing occurs". "Nothing" touches nothing. Transparent touch transparent - yet, an event, and perhaps even the very figure of the Event; of the event as impossible and of the impossible as an event."

February 2022, Hamiffal Gallery, Jerusalem

Curator: Yotam Dvir

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Installation View

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