Missing : Piano

30 min, 2020

In a society unknown yet very familiar, five human-beings have lost their grand piano. Through a physical dive into their culture and mythologies they are starting to realize the effect of their great loss.

Oh Piano (1 minute teaser)

videodance , 11 min , 2020

Sailed In That Same Idea

30 min, 2019

A time-specific performance; An interview with a colleague artist, observing the recent art critique she received for her exhibition just a few minutes earlier.

semi-real interview scene reflecting on a (so-called) real event, performed alongside abstract events taking place on stage.     

Movement Drawing

45 min, 2019

In search of connections between the moving hand and the moving body. 

A score-based improvisation aimed at creating images for drawing.

Collaboration with Prakdan Dance Group.

Intimate Piano

solo performance , 15 min, 2019

Through storytelling, movement, drawing and the use of objects,
I move around the image of 'piano'.

The is-isn't there a piano as a mirror for theoretical and technical expressions.

The work was created as part of a residency program in the fine arts department of Bezalel academy.


duration improvisation, 60 min, 2017

An improvisation-based duration performance displayed in different spaces that leaves the duration of watching to the viewer’s choice.

A result of movement research exploring the active and the passive body, using potatoes as a set that supports or interrupts the body and its image.

Collaboration with Tamar Binyamini.

Muscle Memory

45 min, 2017

Presented as part of "Jerusalem: Temporary Name" project, Jerusalem Film Festival 2017.
The movement is affected by the interior and exterior at different levels: single muscle movement in the body, a person as a muscle within society and a group as one big muscle. 

Closed Eye Theater

duration-improvisation, 60 min, 2019

An imaginary theater wherein one pianist and seven dancers improvise through storytelling and movement. the word 'piano' appears in every thought, whether melancholic, funny, informative or abstract. 




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