Missing : Piano

30 min, 2020

In a society unknown yet very familiar, five human-beings have lost their grand piano. Through a physical dive into their culture and mythologies they are starting to realize the effect of their great loss.

Oh Piano (1 minute teaser)

videodance , 11 min , 2020

Closed Eye Theater

duration-improvisation, 60 min, 2019

An imaginary theater wherein one pianist and seven dancers improvise through storytelling and movement. the word 'piano' appears in every thought, whether melancholic, funny, informative or abstract. 




Sailed In That Same Idea

30 min, 2019

A time-specific performance; An interview with a colleague artist, observing the recent art critique she received for her exhibition just a few minutes earlier.

semi-real interview scene reflecting on a (so-called) real event, performed alongside abstract events taking place on stage.     

Dear Flocky
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Movement Drawing

45 min, 2019

In search of connections between the moving hand and the moving body. 

A score-based improvisation aimed at creating images for drawing.

Collaboration with Prakdan Dance Group.