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The museum, for the first time in Israel is wholly dedicated to presenting a dance and performance festival, and with the help of primary materials – a piano, a sword, a microphone, found-sound, a tree branch, an artwork – it’s turned into a space where one befriends death by operating in the space between the inanimate and the living.

Utilizing theatrical time, they envision the art world as a future site for ritual, which at the very least offers a new methodology that changes, even slightly, the experience of producing a festival.

Pool-Khan | Diver Festival

Pool-Khan is a Performative-Exhibition based on dance and performance works by various artists who courageously embarked on a six-month journey, drawing to a close on opening night, in which they set out to write a shared myth for the temple space of the Bat Yam Museum of Art.

videos by Daniel Hanoch

The show includes independent works by the participating artists, as well as shared parts created and performed as a collective. 
the independent works included:

And So, I have a Relationship with the Sun by Or Ashkenazi
Cloud Time by Uri Duvdevani
GufGelem by Kerem Shemi & Tamir Friedrich
The Apprentice by Ido Feder


Performed by: 

Or Ashkenazi, Uri Duvdevani, Tamir Friedrich, Kerem Shemi, Ido Feder, Omri Rosen, Amit Tine, Tamar Even-Chen.

Sculpture exhibition held in space is curated by Michal Helfman and Hila Cohen-Schneiderman

Diver Festival Artistic Director: Ido Feder
General Directors: Iris Lana, Moshe Shecther Avshalom, Ido Feder

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Cloud Time by Uri Duvdevani

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