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The Cosmic Pillar
is a solo show exhibited at Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Kabri from December 2022 to March 2023.

In this video-based exhibition, I dealt with issues of "making art" and "performing art" through a dialogue with sculptures by Israeli artist Yehiel Shemi, who formerly worked and created in the atelier where the show took place. 

I was interested in Shemi’s concept of sculpture, according to which "the meaning of the sculpture derives from its very presence". 

Through experimental actions, movement, filming and editing, I explored the definitions of presence and meaning as they appear in the living body and in sculpted material, looking for melting points where the two presences intersect, where movement and stillness becomes one.

In the center of the show was a short movie filmed at the gallery and around it, supported by a production team and a group of contemporary dance performers. The movie lays out various possibilities of physical presence that function as a signifier and/or signified. It is an attempt to echo and elaborate on Shemi’s concept of sculpture's presence, and to engage in a dialogue between the real body and the body of the sculptor.

Curator: Smadar Schindler

The Cosmic Pillar (movie excerpts and credits) 

Installation View

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